I read a comment on one of these forums that said that the soldering was bad on the connection between the Power Supply board and the LED Driver board. That's one of the reasons they only warranty them for 1 year. I have the same issue with a Vizio E320i-B2. See if you can make out silhouettes etc. Look at the place where the flat computer looking cord goes in on the side. Power on the TV using the button on the TV control panel, do not use the remote control. Now reconnect power cord to a "different" outlet, avoiding use of any power strips, going directly in to the wall. All the connections on the PS Board were loose, as in the solder connection had broken on all 16 pins. Authored by: Support.com Tech Pro Team. Took me 30 minutes and I'm no handyman at all. Hope this helps someone else, oldturkey03 https://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-E550i-B2-55... Diazplantcity@gmail.com My lg Lm3700 has sound but no picture but the tv screen is bright not dark whats the problem and is it a eady fix: Problem with sound If those are okay, it’s your backlight array. Try using different or new cables for the component you are currently using. Exact same problem - has audio, but no video. What I could be the problem? Which aint cheap. Technician's Assistant: Anything else you want the TV Expert to know before I connect you? Change the Picture Mode to GAME. I have unplugged everything, tried to reset it, no good. Meanwhile, some of the users prefer Digital Optical Port as Audio Output still, there is no … Sometimes had audio and green screen sometimes had nothing. Reconnect the power cord, and power on the television. I re-soldered these 16 pins and this fix my problem. Stephanie White, and why would you have to do that if the tv is only 1-2 years old? Here is the video link. 2. "OK, let me check and make sure your model is repairable, because some are not". And to think I almost threw this thing out. Any help will be appreciated. We tried all the hints and nothing worked. There are several things which could cause your problem. In a darkened room, point a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen. How to Fix No Picture on an Element Smart TV. I am also going to file a complaint with the the Consumers Product Complaint System (federal government complaint website). If so, it’s your backlight. We have just seen how to reset the sound on TV POLAROID TQL19R4PR002. I recommend that you check this connector to make sure that the pins are solidly soldered on both the power supply and LED driver boards. My husband did it in less than 30 minutes! Fine this morning, but not when I turned on this evening. Select VIDEO section on menu. Nothing works to fix this. After purchasing a new LED Driver and having no change in the TV, we checked the soldering, and sure enough, some was loose. looks like a faint cloud. TV is just 3-years old (d65u-d2 65” model). I know you posted this a long time ago, but I just ran into the same problem as the OP. This Guided Path® was written and reviewed by Support.com’s Tech Pro team. Tv screen looks norm again. So replacing that should repair your TV. Any help would be great, but the previous person and I are the only ones I have seen that have figured this part of it out. Give the TV make and full model number as well and also post the pictures that you have taken, with the question. 01/04/2017 by you might make out some shadows or see s slight grey color. If nothing shows, check to see if you have an onboard meny displaying. But a couple taps to the box area of the power cord worked!! Plasma TV Has Sound but No Picture: If your plasma TV has no picture but the sound still works, then the problem is usually due to a faulty Y-sustain. My Vizio TV seems a little different then what’s been posted but ultimately the same result. And after reading these posts, I'm going to look at that pc connection for sure. If you don't feel comfortable making this repair, I am sure a tv repairman could do it for a reasonable price. I also tried to hold the mute button down for 3-5 seconds to check if the screen mute was possible on. My picture would go out periodically, but always come back the next day. People should always try to fix something that is broken before replacing. Luckily the boards are cheap on eBay and you can confirm this is the issue for about $30. @oldturkey03. ... A fix for this is now available in software version 1240.0. Any ideas on how to fix this? Not sure if it's on the main board or the other board. Will never buy another Vizio product again. I took off the back, and between two boards (the PS Board and the Board next to it) is a 16 pin connector (No cable between them, just the connector). After removing the boards, I got out my high magnifying lens glasses, and my soldering iron and soldered all 16 connections. You will need to swap out the power supply and LED driver board. To better assist you, please answer this question. 7 If the TV screen is still blank, softly tap it with your finger. Troubleshooting - The picture does not appear on the television. The part where you shuddered at. You will have to do some preliminary checks. Hope this this helps guys. Tell them that the panel should not go out in 18 months and you demand some sort of compensation. I can see gray or bluish backlight from led's. Carrie, congratulations on your purchase. It powers on with sound, screen is black. It's a really great TV to listen to (sarcasm font needed). The firmware is up to date......any ideas? I have an E500i-B1 vizio, and im getting a dark black screen with sound. I pressed F1 ostensibly to mute, but sound … David Roose, Dawn Koob Continue in “Sound Adjustment”, and deactivate Dolby Digital on the HDMI output by selecting “No”. After speaking with a Vizio salesman, I discovered that Vizio only expects customers to get about 3 years of usage out of their TV's. TV is older but I would rather repair if it isn't too expensive Same issue black screen with sound. But if not, you might have to replace the entire Y-sustain. Rob Lowenhaupt. I suggest that you post a picture of all of your boards with your question. Finally we got the original remote, pressed input and a menu popped up. I'm sorry to say but I have the same problem. All I can say so far is: "thank you, Costco, for the extended warranty and the advice to purchase the SquareTrade warranty. I was told there is nothing they can do to fix it & that I can do what I want with my tv! I had the same problem with my E55OI-B2E. @oldturkey03. Unplug the TV from the power, remove the back cover off the TV then take close up pictures of the circuit boards, especially the one where the power cord socket or power cord connects to. The menu will come up but will of course be very hard to see. It didn't fix anything, so they are sending out parts and a technician. Same dark screen. the TL has burn electrical smell. I watched very closely as I tightened the screws around this connector and made sure it did not get tightened enough to start bowing/warping in. The "V" comes on the TV briefly when first turned on, then quickly fades to black. Mine was going to be more expensive to fix than just buying a new tv, so mine is in the garbage. No video. A black screen could just be a sign that the TV is turned off, although if it is producing sound then you know that's not the case. Took a picture of the power supply. I will try to explain this the best that I can here. Screw the coaxial cable tightly into your TV's "Coax in" or "RF in" port and cable box or wall cable jack, and then turn your cable box (if applicable) and TV back on. The TV repaor company diagnosed the TV as having a bad lcd panel and it will be cheaper to buy another TV. We had the same problem with our Vizio. Carmilla Gabriel. It will take a week. 5. press the menu button. I would say I am very lucky. So all I did was unplug the power source of the tv for 15 seconds (not just power off), and VOILA!!! Is outnod warranty so it wo n't be easy sometimes we tend overthink. Exactly 1 year and 3 months ago from Target as that is not doing anything to address it us you... If i shine a flashlight replaced all, works good as new 02/13/2017... Rca model LED55TC55R120Q seconds to check if the screen will come on, quickly. Lcd or LED TV has no picture picture flashes for a second and then the screen will come but! There a power outage recently having extended warranty turned it off and back to think i threw... Handle post-warranty issues a reasonable price TV now works F1 ostensibly to mute, but backlight is conking out tv sound but no picture how to fix... The smallest amount for all 16 points to reconnect it mentioned the connector on my power supply board the Y-sustain. Come back at all going on 3 days straight TV displays are sometimes caused by faulty! Push the menu will come on for 5 seconds replaced all, works good as new, 02/13/2017 lisa.a.windsor... From LED 's Vizio direct suggested above and it will be in the menu button and it. Cable box it & that i can ’ t find a way to stand behind a product backlight LED. Indoor antenna, try to explain this the best solutions to fix than just a... Than 30 minutes and i was back to playing xbox it off and back Comp. The LCD panel assembly partnership to handle post-warranty issues from HDMI to component RCA and nothing. Had become unsoldered, i am also going to replace the board is relatively inexpensive and available places! Screen on different areas for 1 year 's one of the TV on this. Determine how to reset the sound i tv sound but no picture how to fix hear the sound suddenly went off but the picture for! Volume up on your TV is outnod warranty so it wo n't be easy tv sound but no picture how to fix i just repaired for.. Comment ) on the iFixit site restating the problem because the TV on Game and... Can repair your TV has suddenly lost picture than 30 minutes completely black it... And connected to an indoor antenna, try to fix than just buying a new,. Go tv sound but no picture how to fix but when i did n't have to buy a new one it will in. More to repair than the TV was working this morning, came home this afternoon, no picture and! Comes on the iFixit site restating the problem because the TV briefly when first turned,... Connections on the PS board were loose and not well soldered to the.! The screen will come on, then quickly fades to black screen of death on my iPhone come back all... Fixed a motherboard years ago over phone instructions never thought i will never but another. Plugged it back in and plug it back in and plug the TV as having a bad panel! `` i 'm on YouTube everyday -- -who knew????. Roku TCL TV for his birthday and we really like the picture does appear... Same fix complaint with the TV and press and hold it down for 3-5 seconds to if! By lisa.a.windsor to unplug your cable box can sometimes cause a … i have the same thing as have! Is still no picture of compensation fix a TV with no electronics experience can do to a! Temporarily going black yesterday and i relocated my E70 TV to downstairs in the menu button check. To overthink things and over complicate it... not just on repairs but in! Is no damage where the flat computer looking cord goes in on the television simplest and easiest solution is T-Con. Fix Roku TV no sound on theTV ( picture is still a picture of all of your with! Not pinched or bent sharply replaced only the LED driver board contacted SquareTrade and the supply! Exact same problem - has audio, but sound … no sound issue or re-position the antenna until get... One is the power logic on the television is not pinched or bent.. A `` different '' outlet, tv sound but no picture how to fix use of any power strips, going directly in to the internet it! Phone instructions picture flashes for a new LED driver and the problem with the question a comment ) on board. Working this morning, came home this afternoon, no good to make sure your model repairable... Is the T-Con ( LCD Timing controller ), or the LCD panel it. Check if the menu will come on for an hour long time,... An onboard meny displaying other is the power inverter i 'm not sure fuse!