Detox2Health Retreat Center Caesarea, Israel

Take a break from your world and come to Israel to learn about the best ways to detox and rebuild your health. We will teach you how to make lifestyle changes and research the best plan to help you renew your health. At Detox2Health you will be Refreshed, Reset and Restored.

Take a break and come to Israel!

Visit this beautiful country to tour some of the famous sites and learn about the changes that will have a positive influence on your life! We will personally help you with the practical interpretation of the pH CellTox program.

Throughout the program, we will be available to guide you through each step and also share with you the information we have learned in researching and building, over the last four years.


Detox2Health offers a small-scale educational program in Caesarea where we make it our top priority to guide each participant through each day. We have five bedrooms in which four have a balcony, and two have a sea view. Our property also offers two living rooms and a spa room with sauna and hot tub. You can also make use of the outside pool.

We are located on a quiet street in Caesarea, where the town center and beach are easily accessible. Around us, there is also a local gym if you want to work out, a small library is you like to read, bike and walking trails, and much more!