We have several different packages available to make your stay at our retreat center a success.

Each person will have a customized package, depending on their needs. The goal of Detox2Health is to make sure your time here gives you the best education, so you are equipped to finish your journey to restoration, once you are home.

We do not limit the extent of your stay, but we recommend completing Phase 1 of our detox program which takes 21 days.

We provide accommodation, which comes with a full-serviceall-inclusive plan, so we can have what your health needs. You’ll have access to the in-house sauna, hot tub and swimming pool. In the winter, we use the swimming pool at the local fitness center which has everything you need to keep fit. We also provide massage services at an additional cost.

Every person who is unable to perform normal activities on their own must be accompanied by a helper. The rooms we provide are built for double occupancy, with two beds. We also have suites with two bedrooms to create more space, if you wish to have your own room.

The setup is also designed as a learning center where you will master how to make your juice which, if your health condition is not good enough, your helper will be assisting you with.

We set times for making the juices so that everyone can commune together. This process is a highlight and fun part of the day. In the mornings we will make the juice you will need for the day, which we will store it in one of our individually labeled storage containers.

We have daily get-togethers where we spend time praying, worshipping God, and reading the Scriptures. Our daily excercise involves indoor and outdoor activities, depending on your ability. The exercise activities will be tailored to your needs.

Throughout your stay, there will be options to join in with educational seminars. You will also have plenty of free time to rest; but if you need to be more active, you’re welcome to walk, swim or visit the local tourist sites.

To make a booking, fill out the form below or call us at 704 644 7114