Retreat Events

At Detox2Health we offer you a place to learn about nutrition and how it affects our bodies. We will also help you make lifestyle changes to lead you down the route of living a healthy life.

During our events, you will have the opportunity to take part in the detox program!
This will help you see the benefits of our program and experience the benefits of a detox, even if you’re not sick. We have learned, from people who have already done the pH CellTox program, that it is easier to do this program with support than on your own, so feel free to have a friend accompany you on this journey to restoration!


Detox2Health provides natural health sessions to support healing, health maintenance, and disease prevention.

Each consultation will be customized to an individual’s needs. Everyone’s health journey is different, and we are determined to help shape your detox and learning steps; therefore, during the consultation, we look to learn about you and the level of knowledge you have gained on your health issues to advise any additional steps before the detox program begins.

Our goal is to educate you on natural ways to maintain or recover your health while doing the groundwork research and being a point of contact in sounding your ideas. There are many choices and different viewpoints, so we seek to help separate the good from the bad, as in many cases, you don’t have the luxury of getting it wrong or not doing enough.

Today’s world of complicated health conditions are fashioned by our diet, lifestyle and environmental toxins; therefore, we first require that each person be individually evaluated to conclude what level they are at and how we can help in the best possible way.

Our services can be conducted in person, or phone/video calls are also available.

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Wellness Support

One of the perks of coming to the Detox2Health Event rather than staying at home is the daily support. The last thing people want when suffering is to be on their own, so we have created this unique retreats as a place of support. That way, you will get as much interaction as you need to get better!

Take a walk, go swimming, enjoy the hot tub to soothe your body through the 21 day program

Wellness at Home

Detox2Health offers home support if you are unable to come to our retreat events. We will provide videos, phone calls, and tailored research to make sure you get the best assistance during your detox program to bring forth your healing.

Our detox program is structured so anyone can take part and not feel overwhelmed. For those who have never detoxed before, we will walk side by side with you until you become comfortable with continuing without daily calls and advice.

A booklet will be provided once you have purchased a detox set and it will include instructions, recipes and lots of tips to help you have the best experience.