In 2014, I began the journey into the world of natural medicine. I had just been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and the doctors were telling me that I needed a liver transplant. They assured me that I did not need to worry because I was now under their wing and they were going to take care of me, these words caused the hairs on my neck to stand up.

I walked out of that drug dispensing medical specialist’s office feeling the need to take control of my healing instead of going through with the treatment they had in mind. As I was seeking out an alternative solution, I met Gary Tunsky, a naturopath specialist who has treated thousands of people from all kinds of illnesses, including cancer!

After five months of being on Garry’s program and detoxing my body, I went back to the doctor to re-do the test they had done to diagnose the liver disease. However, this time, the tests came back all clear! In fact, the doctor turned to me in amazement and told me that I now had the liver of a teenager!

Ever since that experience, it has been on my heart to help people who are in the same boat I was. Feeling hopeless and ready to do anything the doctors tell them, I want to reach out and explain to those people that there is another way, a natural way, that will benefit their bodies as well as kill the disease that is plaguing them

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The birth of Detox2Health is only the beginning!

For years, medical professionals have strived to combat cancer with the tools at their disposal, yet finding a definitive cure remains an elusive quest for many. While traditional medical interventions have yielded success stories, they often come with significant costs and daunting treatment decisions.

The specter of a cancer diagnosis casts a shadow of fear, amplifying the gravity of medical advice like never before. However, a shift is underway; an increasing number of individuals are awakening to the existence of alternative pathways in the fight against disease. Today, the natural approach boasts a more enticing success rate compared to the chemical battlegrounds of conventional clinics, where the race is often against the clock to eradicate diseased cells before radiation takes its toll. But is this truly the optimal path for managing life-threatening conditions?

At Detox2Health Events, we offer a sanctuary free from chemicals, harnessing the power of natural methods. Testimonies abound from those who have traversed our program, and we eagerly anticipate hearing more. By embarking on our journey, you not only initiate the restoration process for your ailment but also gain invaluable insights into your body’s inner workings and its needs.

One of our primary objectives is to equip individuals with the knowledge of natural healing methods, empowering them to spread the word about this remarkable discovery. The medical establishment has wielded dominion over our healing processes for far too long; it’s time we assert the innate ability of our bodies to heal and rejuvenate when provided with the right tools.

The Choice of Life or Death

The Scriptures present us with a profound choice: life or death. From the moment of our birth, we are endowed with the gift of choice. We have the autonomy to select our breakfast, pick our attire, and contemplate our relationship with God.

Moreover, we hold the power to safeguard our bodies and nurture our health. Though it may pose challenges, the journey is ultimately rewarding and transformative.

Choose Life!

Today, at Detox2Health, we offer a spiritually pure environment, free from religious amalgamation and alternate deities. Based in Texas, our beliefs are anchored in serving the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who commands us to worship no other gods.

As a unique event treatment company, our paramount objective is to facilitate comprehensive life transformations. We aspire to address the dearth of resources for individuals seeking alternatives to conventional medical treatments and establish a platform for testimonies of triumph over illness.

If attending an event in person is not feasible, fret not, as our program is adaptable for home use! We provide instructional videos, personalized consultations, and curated research to ensure you receive optimal support throughout your detox journey, fostering your path to healing.

Detox2Health collaborates with the renowned Dr. Gary Tunsky Program, renowned for its cellular-level detoxification system, which serves as an ideal starting point in combating a myriad of ailments. Our three-week program is meticulously designed to gently influence every facet of your being, ushering you toward optimal health with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

– Dr. Kenny Russell (Founder)

Checkout the video below to learn more about Gary Tunsky and the detox kit!