In 2014, I began the journey into the world of natural medicine. I had just been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and the doctors were telling me that I needed a liver transplant. They assured me that I did not need to worry because I was now under their wing and they were going to take care of me, these words caused the hairs on my neck to stand up.

I walked out of that drug dispensing medical specialist’s office feeling the need to take control of my healing instead of going through with the treatment they had in mind. As I was seeking out an alternative solution, I met Gary Tunsky, a naturopath specialist who has treated thousands of people from all kinds of illnesses, including cancer!

After five months of being on Garry’s program and detoxing my body, I went back to the doctor to re-do the test they had done to diagnose the liver disease. However, this time, the tests came back all clear! In fact, the doctor turned to me in amazement and told me that I now had the liver of a teenager!

Ever since that experience, it has been on my heart to help people who are in the same boat I was. Feeling hopeless and ready to do anything the doctors tell them, I want to reach out and explain to those people that there is another way, a natural way, that will benefit their bodies as well as kill the disease that is plaguing them

Education Center

The birth of Detox2Health is only the beginning!

For years, doctors and specialists have been trying to cure cancer using the medical equipment they have; but the cure for this disease is still a major stumbling block to many doctors. Granted, there have been many cases where people have been cured of cancer using the medical route, but it usually came at a price.

Upon being diagnosed, the fear of treatment decisions weighs heavy, and the medical specialist’s advice has our attention like never before. But something is changing; many are waking up to the realization that there are alternative ways to fight disease! The success rate for going the natural route seems to be far more appealing, today, than entering into a chemically minded clinic where the battle is to see if they can kill the diseased cells before the radiation kills you! But, is this really the best way to handle life-threatening conditions?

At Detox2Health, we are providing a place that is chemical free and 100% natural. We have already heard amazing testimonies from people who have gone through our program, and we yearn to hear more! Not only would you be starting the process of being restored of your illness, but you’ll be educated throughout the treatment to understand what is going on in your body and how we can listen to the things it needs.

One of our goals is to train people in the natural way of treating disease so they can go home and tell others about this extraordinary discovery! The medical world has controlled our healing for too long; it’s time we stand up and show it that our body has the incredible power to heal and repair itself when given the correct ingredients!

The Choice of Life or Death

The Tanakh gives us the option to choose life or death. From the day we are born, we are given the power of choice. We can determine what we eat for breakfast, what clothes we are going to wear, and whether or not we desire to have a relationship with God.

But, along with all that, we have the choice to decide how we’re going to preserve our body and health. It is in no way an easy journey, but the result is fulfilling and life-changing.

Choose Life!

Today, with Detox2Health, we are offering a clean spiritual environment, free from mixed religions and other gods. We are based in Israel, and as for our beliefs; we serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who has instructed us to have no other gods before us.

We are one of a kind treatment center whose number one purpose is to help people completely turn their lives around. We hope to change the lack of resources for those not wanting to be treated the medical way and build a testimonial platform for overcoming sickness.

If you cannot travel to us in Israel, don’t worry because our program can also be done at home! We will provide videos, phone calls, and tailored research to make sure you get the best assistance during your detox program to help bring forth your healing.

Detox2Health‘s leadership is partnered with the Dr.Gary Tunsky Program. His system for detoxing to the cellular level is a recommended starting point to fight the majority of diseases. The program lasts a duration of three weeks, which has proven to be the best way to start your journey to the perfect health and will influence every part of your body in a gentle way, without much interference in your day to day life.


-Dr. Kenny Russell (Founder)

Checkout the video below to learn more about Gary Tunsky and the detox kit!