Detox Kit Overview 

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The Famous Gary Tunsky Cellular Kit

The PH Cell System 21-Day Cellular Cleanse

Phase 1 – is a whole body cellular level detoxification system designed to effectively purge your body of heavy metals, chemicals, pathogens, fungi, and other toxic accumulations at the cellular level.

  • The kit contains
  • Ozone Mag Intestinal Cleanser
  • pH Booster and Ionic Alkalizing Minerals
  • Homeopathic Blood Cleanser
  • Homeopathic Liver/Gallbladder Detox Remedy
  • Homeopathic Kidney Detox Remedy
  • Homeopathic Lymphatics Detox Remedy
  • Ultra Organic MSM with Turmeric Oil
  • Nano Silver Hydrosol (Anti-Microbial)
  • Concentrated Organic Heavy Metal & Chemical Binder
  • Detailed instruction manual.

Price $389.99