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Detox 2 Health provides natural health sessions to support healing, health maintenance, and disease prevention. 

Our goal is to educate you on natural ways to maintain or recover your health whilst doing the groundwork research and being a point of contact in sounding your ideas and recovery program options. There is a lot of choices and different viewpoints and approaches it takes more that your individual efforts to guide you on the best path forward and in many cases you don’t have the luxury of getting it wrong or not doing enough.    

Each consultation is tailored to your needs. Your  health is different from anyone else’s. No two people are exactly alike and though we may have a simple base to work from we can be creative to make the detoxing a good experience whilst reaching our nutritional goals.

Today’s world of complicated health conditions are fashioned by our diet, lifestyle and environmental toxins and first requires each person to be individually evaluated.

Our services can be at the center and phone/ video calls are also available.​​

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