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PHASE 1 – 21-Day Whole Body Cellular Cleanse Kit – Adult


The Famous Gary Tunsky Cellular Kit

The PH CellTox System 21-Day Cellular Cleanse – Phase 1 – is a whole body cellular level detoxification system designed to effectively purge your body of heavy metals, chemicals, pathogens, fungi, and other toxic
accumulations at the cellular level.

The kit contains
Ozone Mag Intestinal Cleanser
pH Booster and Ionic Alkalizing Minerals
Homeopathic Blood Cleanser
Homeopathic Liver/Gallbladder Detox Remedy
Homeopathic Kidney Detox Remedy
Homeopathic Lymphatics Detox Remedy
Ultra Organic MSM with Turmeric Oil
Nano Silver Hydrosol (Anti-Microbial)
Concentrated Organic Zeotrex (Chemical and Heavy Metal Chelator)
Detailed instruction manual.

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